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MINUTES: Final day resolution discussions

Rev. Tom Binford, Resolutions Cmte. chair

Resolution discussions as reported by the official minutes on Wednesday, June 13 of the 2012 Tennessee Annual Conference:

Resolutions 13 & 13a:
Resolution 13a – Bishop Chamness pointed out that what the amendment would strike is quoted in the Discipline paragraph 162. Rev. Stewart Orell’s amendment was read after the question was called and failed.

Resolution 13a was being considered to replace Resolution 13 with following changes: in the second whereas, remove names and replace with “whereas at least three youth within the bounds of the Tennessee Annual Conference;” in the fourth paragraph, strike “our.” In addition, Dickie Hinton, asked to amend this revised resolution to add “Camping Retreat Ministries” to follow words of “Campus Ministries.” The amendment passed.

Three speeches were made in favor of Resolution 13a.

The Resolutions Committee asked that Resolution 13a replace Resolution13 and that motion was approved by a hand vote. Resolution 13a as the adopted resolution was then approved by a hand vote.

Resolution 14:
Resolution 14 was ruled out of order per Book of Discipline, with information  being offered by Jim Allen, referring to Paragraphs 613.3 & 615.

Tom Binford asked for the rules to suspended to bring to the floor an additional resolution, number to be 15. Required 2/3 vote to suspend the rules, but the move to suspend the rules failed.

(L-R facing) Brad Fiscus, Courtney Aldrich, Rev. Vona Wilson discuss Project Transformation TN

Resolutions 5 & 5a:
Resolution 5a was offered to be substituted for Resolution 5 and that was approved by hand vote.

Resolution 5a then was addressed by Brad Fiscus. Project Transformation’s mission was shared (found in Resolution 5a). Project Transformation staff also shared a video. Courtney Aldridge shared how she felt the call to bring this ministry to Tennessee. Twenty-five interns from Tennessee and beyond are in ministry in Nashville at three site churches: Nancy Webb Kelly UMC, 61st Ave UMC, and Tulip St. UMC. The “Friday experience” was designed to allow the interns a variety of opportunities to discern God’s call in a number of places.

Resolution 5a then was approved by a hand vote. (Projection Transformation will be added to Resolution 6 as approved Conference Advance Special.)

Rev. John Collett

Resolution 2:
Cabinet Resolutions were brought by Rev. John Collett.
-Question raised if charge lines could be read. All charge lines were read and included as attachment (to be obtained electronically by Rev. John Collett.)

All charge lines were approved by hand vote.

– Discontinuation of Taylors Chapel UMC. Bishop Chamness gave thanks for ministry of Taylors Chapel UMC.
– Discontinuation of St. Andrews UMC. Rev. Roger Hopson gave thanks for the ministry of St. Andrews UMC.
– Discontinuation of Wayland Springs UMC. Bishop Chamness gave thanks for the ministry of Wayland Springs UMC.
– Discontinuation of Frankewing UMC. Rev. Roger Hopson gave thanks for the ministry of Frankewing UMC.
– Discontinuation of Coates Chapel UMC. Bishop Hopson gave thanks for the ministry of Coates Chapel UMC.


Click the image to download the final copy of the 2012 resolutions

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One thought on “MINUTES: Final day resolution discussions

  1. I hope that the vote not to suspend the rules to address resolution 15 was based on the lateness of the hour or its not coming before us in a timely manner and not a knee jerk reaction to the word Islam and a resistance to even have open discussion with those who may believe differently than we do.

    Posted by prechaphil14 | June 21, 2012, 8:41 am

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