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MINUTES: Resolution #4 as brought to the floor


Rev. Tom Binford, Resolutions Committee Chair

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Tuesday, June 12 – Day 3 of the 2012 TN Annual Conference. Rev. B.J. Brack, Annual Conference Secretary; Rev. Jodi McCullah Asst. Secretary provided the minutes from today’s session below:

Bettye Lewis spoke on Resolution #4, deferred from Monday. All the entities involved have agreed on the creation of this Expanded Older Adult Ministry Initiative. Rev. John Collett spoke on the resolution and this new way of being in ministry with seniors, reflecting the newly-established McKendree Foundation, now a separate 501.c.3.

Ken McNish presented Golden Cross Foundation, the projected plan for the McKendree Village Foundation going forward. This proposal is outlined in Resolution #4, which will be enacted upon if Resolution is passed. Rev. Tom Binford, Hamilton UMC, said the Resolution committee asks that the Golden Cross offering to be used also with persons with disabilities who may not be older adults who may also live in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Rev. Skip Armistead asked from the floor if it is a conflict of interest for a CF&A members to serve on the board of this new foundation. Rev. Stewart Orell asked from the floor, “Where do the current funds come from?” Answer: from Golden Cross donations. Rev. Orell also asked, “Were those who gave to Golden Cross be informed about the changes to what they donated?”

This resolution has not yet been communicated to the donor base. Nathan Baker, City Road UMC, asked that Rev. Binford’s wording be made into an amendment. “Be it therefore resolved, that the Golden Cross offering will also be considered by the Golden Cross Foundation to be used for persons with disabilities who may not be older adults but would have qualified in the past if at McKendree Village.” Resolution 4 was approved as amended.

A donation of $50,000 was made to the Golden Cross Foundation from the McKendree Village Foundation. An additional $50,000 in matching funds was also pledged. A down-payment of $10,000 was made.

Res. #4 Expanded Older Adult Ministry Initiative… PASSED AS AMENDED

Click the image to download the final copy of the 2012 resolutions

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2 thoughts on “MINUTES: Resolution #4 as brought to the floor

  1. The Golden Cross Foundation is not the “projected plan for the McKendree Village Foundation going forward” as referenced in the minutes aboveThe Golden Cross Foundation is to be new self funded entity initiated by the McKendree Village Foundation and endorsed by the CCOCM. The resolution authorizing the creation of the Golden Cross Foundation was passed by the Tennessee Annual Conference on June 12, 2012. The Golden Cross Foundation Board of Directors will be approved by the annual conference. The McKendree Village Foundation will remain a seperate non-profit entity for the purpose of providing benevolent care for eligible McKendree Village residents. Kent McNish, Executive Director, McKendree Village Foundation.

    Posted by Kent McNish | June 21, 2012, 9:55 am

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