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Conference award winners for 2012

The Denman Evangelism Award:
> Youth winner: Maggie Taylor, Edgehill UMC


Maggie Taylor

About Maggie: Maggie Taylor was confirmed into the United Methodist Church as a 6th grader in 2006 at Edgehill UMC in Nashville on Pentecost Sunday. Maggie was an active member of the faith community even before that time. Maggie has a passion of helping everyone she encounters feel welcomed and loved. During the past year she has served as the Tennessee Conference Council on Youth Ministry President. In this role, she has reached out to the other youth on the leadership team helping them feel connected and loved…  |  read Brad Fiscus’ FULL RECOMMENDATION

> Laity winner: Sherrie Reeve, Homestead UMC


Sherrie Reeve

About Sherrie: Sharon (Sherrie) has been a lifelong member of The United Methodist Church. The church she began her faith journey in was what is now Columbus First United Methodist Church in Columbus, Indiana. She has been a member of the United Methodist Church in Enfield, New Hampshire Where she served on the committee, as well as the chair of the Pastor Parish Committee. She has also has been a member of Riverhead United Methodist Church in Riverhead, Long Island, New York…  |  read Rev. Monica Mowdy’s FULL RECOMMENDATION

> Clergy winner: Rev. Dewey Smith, Blankenship UMC


Rev. D. Smith

About Dewey: When Dewey first went to Blankenship, the average attendance for Sunday morning worship was about 40. By the time the statistical report was  for the end ofthe year, the average was already up to 90. The membership was about 119 (as reported in the 2007 Journal, reflecting 2006 end of year statistics). In the last available Journal (2011) the membership had reached 156. As of this date, the average Worship attendance is 140. This past Spring, Dewey held a conñrmation class. There were 13 in that class, receiving baptism and joining on profession of faith…  |  read Michael O’Bannon’s FULL RECOMMENDATION

The Richard J. Allison Social Holiness Award

> Winner: Maridel Williams, Murfreesboro 1st UMC


Maridel Williams

About Maridel: Maridel Williams embodies hope. She has a compassionate heart, an entrepreneurial mind, and an unquenchable enthusiasm to meet needs of ex-offenders. Weekly, she changes the future lives of women from the inside out. For one and a half years, while Maridel was Office Manager for the United Way of Rutherford/Cannon County, she mentored at the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville. Here, she identified specific needs that were not being met in Rutherford County and was inspired to create Doors of Hope, which she founded in March of 2011…  |  read Amy Jaramillo’s FULL RECOMMENDATION

Journal Dedication

> Lay winner: Aline Wesley, Epworth UMC


Aline Wesley

About Aline: Aline Wesley’s leadership and service as a member of the Bd. of Ordained Ministry for 12 years and as chairperson of the Residency Process Team for the past eight years will bear fruit for years to come through the ministries of those who benefitted from her diligent, consistent, caring service in these capacities. She became chairperson of the RP Team at a time when a person with her tenacity was needed to put in place an effective residency program for the provisional members of the conference as they moved toward ordination…  |  read the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry’s FULL RECOMMENDATION

> Clergy winner: Rev. Ed Crump, Bellevue UMC


Rev. E. Crump

> About Ed: Ed is a retired United methodist pastor. He was ordained and served under appointment for 43 years. He started his ministry in the Memphis Conference, later moving to the TN Conference at the request of Bishop Hunt. He served as District Superintendent in both conferences. He had a very successful ministry. Ed is beloved by everyone who knows him…  |  read Sara Pearson Crump’s FULL RECOMMENDATION

> TNUMC.org: News Central; About Us, Annual Conference



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