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MINUTES: Resolutions brought to the floor, Day 2


Rev. Tom Binford, Resolutions Committee Chair


Monday, June 11 – Day 2 of the 2012 TN Annual Conference – marks the first day for the 2012 Resolutions to be brought to the floor of Annual Conference. There are an unusually high number of Resolutions at Annual Conference this year, however the first day of Resolutions discussions proved to be a productive one.

Rev. B.J. Brack, Annual Conference Secretary; Rev. Jodi McCullah provided the minutes from today’s session below:

Res. #1 Rental/Housing Allowances for Retired/Disabled Clergy… PASSED
Res. #2 Resolution from the Cabinet REFERRED TO STANDING RULES Notes: This resolution was submitted unanimously by the TNUMC Cabinet on Mar. 28, 2012 by John Collett, Cabinet Secretary (read FULL RESOLUTION, pg. 4)
Res. #3 From the Board of Camp & Retreat Ministries PASSED
Res. #4 Expand Older Adult Ministry Initiative… TABLED UNTIL AFTER TUESDAY’S DISCUSSION Notes: Submitted by John Collett, Chair McKendree Village Foundation Bd. of Dir.’s w/the endorsement of Bettye Lewis, CCOCM Dir. (read FULL RESOLUTION, pgs. 6-10)
Res. #5 Statement of Covenant w/Project Transformation TN, Inc. TABLED UNTIL AFTER TUESDAY’S DISCUSSION Notes: Submitted by Vona Wilson, Courtney Aldrich, and brad Fiscus (read FULL RESOLUTION, pgs. 11-14)
Res. #6 Conference Advance Specials… PASSED
Res. #7 Regarding Election of Clergy Delegates… STANDING RULE #11 * See notes below this table
Res. #8 Funding to Help Make Disciples of Jesus Christ… RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE DOES NOT CONCUR ** See notes below this table
Res. #9 Funding for Feed America First… MOTION TO REFER TO CF&A (PASSED) Notes: read FULL RESOLUTION pg. 18

* Ryan Bennett amending resolution, seconded, amendment passed. Amended resolution – Rev. Judi Hoffman, question Cherie Parker – how does this square with standing rule, line 42? Tom Binford answered. Resolution as amended was passed.

> DOWNLOAD Rev. Ryan Bennett’s amendment to Resolution #7

** Rev. Skip Armistead to clarify how funds would be used. To vote on this proposal requires suspending rules by 2/3 vote because it affects budget. Has this been referred to CF&A. Moves referral. Seconded. Jacquie Sojourner. Referral passed.

Res. #10a Committee on Native American Ministries… TOM BINFORD MOVES THAT #10a BE OFFERED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR #10 and #11 (PASSED)RESOLUTION 10a PASSED Notes: read FULL RESOLUTIONS 10-11 pgs. 19-23
Res. #12 A Resolution Regarding Immigration… PASSED
Res. #13 and 13a *** See notes below this table

*** Resolution 13 – The committee objects to the use of specific names in the resolution. Asked to substitute Resolution 13a with the following corrections: in the second whereas: “whereas at least three youth within the bounds of the Tennessee Annual Conference”
> 4th P – strike “our”
> Dickie Hinton, asking to amend this revised this resolution to add “Camping Retreat Ministries” to follow words of “Campus Ministries.” Amendment passed.

> TNUMC.org: News Central; About Us, Annual Conference



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